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this subliminal is designed to give you extreme weight loss! open the description for all the subliminal benefits!!

okay so before i start i just wanna say that i was listening to this throughout the day and i felt my whole body burning, not even exaggerating! so be careful because it is very powerful!!! make sure to drink a lot of water whilst listening to this subliminal.

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what is a listen once subliminal?
my “listen once” subliminals are made with a powerful formula which makes the subliminal work even if you only listen to it once a day!! you can still listen multiple times and the more you listen the faster the results from this subliminal.


subliminal contents_
▸extreme weight loss
▸lose desired amount of weight
▸weight loss on face
▸weight loss on jawline
▸weight loss on chin
▸weight loss on neck
▸weight loss on collarbone
▸weight loss on shoulders
▸weight loss on armpits
▸weight loss on arms
▸weight loss on hands
▸weight loss on belly
▸weight loss on thighs
▸weight loss on legs
▸weight loss on knees
▸weight loss on calves
▸weight loss on feet
▸remove all stretch marks
▸flat belly
▸slim legs
▸slim arms
▸defined jawline
▸tight skin
▸remove all cellulite
▸healthy body
▸perfect health
▸desired weight
▸fast subliminal results
▸permanent subliminal results


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extra notes/tips_

▸no affirmations are distorted
▸this is layered and looped lots of times!
▸affirmations are at a moderate speed
▸no harmful/negative affirmations
▸positive safe affirmations
▸desired results
▸downloadable subliminal
▸no frequencies or binaural beats

▸listen as many times as you are comfortable
▸the more you listen the faster the results
▸listen to it at a low volume
▸drink plenty of water
▸requests are closed indefinitely.
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