Perfect nose subliminal (FORCED) (EXTREMELY POWERFUL)

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This subliminal contains affirmations for:

– forced small, slim, 106° & shorter nose




This subliminal contains affirmations for:

– forced small, slim, 106° & shorter nose


Q: do you accept requests?
A: I only accept paid requests (check below for price)

Q: how many times should I listen?
A: I recommend listening at least 2-3 times a day ♡

Q: when will I get results?
A: it varies from person to person, and I can’t predict that. It usually takes 3-6 weeks to start seeing results, but for some people it takes shorter and for some longer

Q: do your subliminals work if downloaded?
A: yes ♡

Q: what apps do you use to make subliminals?
A: I used to use two apps on computer: audacity and fromtexttospeech
Now I use my phone, and use the speech app, iMovie app & YouTube++ to download the music ♡

Q: Will I get what I don’t desire?
A: NO, you won’t as long as it’s not a forced subliminal. Your subconscious mind blocks out unwanted affirmations, but for extra safety I always add affirmations such as (using long hair as an example) “I love my long hair”. If you don’t desire the affirmation, which would be long hair in this case, you won’t get the long hair, because u simply wouldn’t love having it.

Q: why am I not seeing results?
A: there can be several reasons for not seeing results, but try doing these things for results:
– stay positive
– Stay hydrated
– Sleep at least 7 hours per night
– do NOT look for results
– Use a blockage remover
– Use a booster
– After using a subliminal, use a flush for one week before starting to use another subliminal
– You HAVE to believe! ♡
– If you do all of these and still don’t get any results at all after 3 months, use another subliminal ♡


1 purpose subliminal request = 2$
2 purpose subliminal request = 5$
3 purpose request = 10$
4 purpose request = 15$
5 purpose request = 20$
6 purpose request = 25$
7 purpose request = 28$
8 purpose request = 30$

If you think the prices are high, it’s because making Subliminals takes a lot of work and time. I can’t make subliminals to everyone for free. If you don’t respect that, I can’t make a subliminal for you. It’s as simple as that.

♡1 purpose = hair affirmations♡
♡2 purposes = hair & skin affirmations♡
♡3 purposes = hair, skin & body affirmations ♡

When you pay for one purpose, you can decide as many affirmations as you want for that purpose. For example, if you pay 2$ for an 1 purpose request and decide to use the “hair” purpose, you can choose affirmations for ex long hair, shiny hair, no body hair, long eyelashes and thick eyebrows. If u pay 4$ for 2 purposes and decide to use face and skin, you can choose affirmations for clear skin, no eczema, clean pores, small nose, blue eyes, big eyes, plump lips etc.

The different purposes are the following:
-hair (head hair, body hair, eyebrows, eyelashes etc)
-face (eyes, nose, face shape, lips, teeth etc)
-body (breast, butt, stomach, waist, thighs, limbs etc)
-personality & intelligence (in one)
-your desired life (ex. If u want ur parents to be less strict, better grades)
-skills (singing, cooking, dancing etc)
-manifestation (manifest clothes, pets etc)

2 reviews for Perfect nose subliminal (FORCED) (EXTREMELY POWERFUL)

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