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this subliminal is designed to give you extreme luck in all possible situations! open the description for all the subliminal benefits!!


what is a listen once subliminal?
my “listen once” subliminals are made with a powerful formula which makes the subliminal work even if you only listen to it once a day!! you can still listen multiple times and the more you listen the faster the results from this subliminal.


subliminal contents_
▸be extremely lucky
▸always have the best luck
▸luck always on your side forever
▸luckiest person on earth
▸every situation always has best outcome
▸good scenarios/situations come to you
▸best outcome always manifested
▸luck always favours you
▸manifest money
▸money comes to you easily
▸when you spend money it comes back tenfold
▸always have an abundance of money
▸all chances of GOOD are multiplied in your favour
▸prosperity always in your favour
▸good things come to you effortlessly
▸win every giveaway
▸win every lottery you participate in
▸successful wealthy life
▸receive expensive things for free
▸always given amazing opportunities
▸always get desired outcome from things
▸ideal career path
▸natural winner/good at everything
▸all life goals easily achieved
▸vibrations aligned with prosperity
▸aura attracts good things
▸always come out victorious
▸permanent results
▸fast subliminal results


extra notes/tips_

▸no affirmations are distorted
▸this is layered and looped lots of times!
▸affirmations are at a moderate speed
▸no harmful/negative affirmations
▸positive safe affirmations
▸desired results
▸downloadable subliminal
▸no frequencies or binaural beats

▸listen as many times as you are comfortable
▸the more you listen the faster the results
▸listen to it at a low volume
▸drink plenty of water
▸requests are closed indefinitely.
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_what is a subliminal?
subliminal audios are music with affirmations hidden behind it made to target and reprogram your subconscious mind positively. affirmations are positive sentences such as ‘i am healthy’ or ‘i am beautiful’ these are some examples [not in this subliminal] the hidden subliminal affirmations bypass your conscious mind reaching your subconscious mind where they can reprogram your mind, producing real visible results. fundamentally, this is the basic belief behind these subliminals.

thank you for listening♡

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